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SnoozeShade Original (0-6m) | Universal pram sun shade | Blocks 99% of UV

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SnoozeShade Original (0-6m) | Universal pram sun shade | Blocks 99% of UV

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Product Description
SnoozeShade Original is Britain's best-selling pram sunshade and blackout cover. It protects babies from the sun and makes any time nap time. 

Made from a special soft air-permeable fabric, it gives maximum sun protection from the sun's harmful UV rays. It blocks 99% of UVA and UVB (UPF50+) and can be used safely indoors and outside.

SnoozeShade Original is available in black with a steel grey trim.

☀️ Shade baby's skin from the sun safely
Did you know that doctors worldwide recommend babies under 6 months are kept out of direct sunlight completely. Their skin is too delicate for sunscreen and has too little melanin so they will burn more easily (SkinCancer.org). Just one instance of sunburn as a baby increases risk of skin cancer by 50% and five instances increases that risk to 80%. SnoozeShade Original makes it easy to keep baby shaded from the sun by blocking 99% of UVA and UVB

❤️    Safety is at the heart of SnoozeShade 
SnoozeShade was invented by a mum so we don’t skimp when it comes to safety. All our products are designed to exceed required safety standards.  Most products only need to meet the safety standards for 3 year old whereas we design to be safe enough for a newborn baby.

Our unique scientifically-tested soft mesh is better than breathable (a much misused word) - it's air-permeable - this means air passes easily passes through it. We also have sneak-peek zips so parents can check in quickly and easily on their baby. If you want to learn more about Why SnoozeShade is safe please click here 

💤 Helps babies get the sleep they need
A baby who sleeps during the day sleeps better at night - this is because daytime naps reduces the cortisol in baby’s blood which means they go to sleep more easily at bedtime. Use SnoozeShade from birth as a stroller sun shade and a blackout cover to help establish a healthy step routine without you being stuck at home

⛱️ Easier and safer than a blanket or muslin
SnoozeShade Original creates shade and protects baby from wind, chill, insects, mosquitos. midges and even light rain. Small and lightweight it attaches easily with stretchy straps and elasticated sides and comes with a FREE storage bag. It’s great for everyday, holidays, shopping trips, days out, in restaurants or any time baby has to get some sleep in the stroller or needs extra shade from the sun.

🏆 Multi-award-winning
SnoozeShade has won 70+ awards over the last ten years and is approved by the Melanoma International Foundation. Parents often find when they start to use SnoozeShade regularly, it becomes a sleep trigger for their child in the same way that shutting the curtains in the nursery is a signal that it is sleep time. Our sleeping baby emblem also deters well-meaning people from disturbing or touching your sleeping baby.

Why we say the Original is for 0-6 months:
We recommend SnoozeShade Original for babies from 0-6 months as it is sized for use with carrycots and for little legs and it is designed so baby cannot see out of it when awake (as they will be most likely lying flat).

However every child is different and so it depends on what you want your SnoozeShade for. If it's just for sleep and nothing else then the Original can work for longer - it all depends on your child.

If your little one is sitting upright and wants to look out when awake then we recommend the SnoozeShade Plus or SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe which are much bigger and will last until your little one is out of the buggy. It is perfectly safe to use a Plus or Plus Deluxe with a carrycot - it will just look a bit baggier.

One question we get asked a lot is what is the difference between the Original and the Original Deluxe, so we've created a helpful chart:

Difference between SnoozeShade Original and Original Deluxe

99% of our customers would recommend SnoozeShade to their friends.

Fabric specifications: All SnoozeShade products are made from a scientifically-tested unique air-permeable mesh. This means that air passes through it easily and is in keeping with The Lullaby Trust recommendations.

Safety specifications: All SnoozeShade products are designed and manufactured to meet the safety standards for a newborn toy.  The normal safety standards required for a product of this type is for it to be safe for a 3 year old - as it is assumed that the parent is responsible. This was not safe enough for us so we have chosen stricter standards.  We are unable to put a CE marking on our products as it is forbidden to mark a product with a CE mark unless it is in a specific category.

Delivery: Our delivery costs are based on weight. Please refer to our Delivery page for more information


Customer Reviews

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Great for naps on the go

Our little one now goes to sleep much easier while we are out and about. And is great for sun shade as well.

Happy Purchaser

It is universal so it fits my redsbaby perfectly. I love having for both sun and wind protection.

Lifesaver for trips out with bubs

This is a lifesaver. I use it on the go all the time for day and sometimes night naps. It blocks out sun and light. It's just a great barrier for the outside world. I also use it just as a sunshade on very sunny or hot days. If it's a very hot day I'll keep the sides up a bit and not use the velcro closures on the sides so there is extra air circulation.

Quality and versatile item

Very good quality. Accurate description. Found different ways to use it on my pram, depending on whether it�s for shade or naps etc

Would buy again!

Great product, fits any pram very well, zipper is a great idea too. It does make the babies space in the pram very dark.