United Kingdom

If you live in the UK we ship from SnoozeShade.com

You can also buy from us on our Amazon UK store click here


If you live in Australia, you can buy direct from our website at SnoozeShade.com.au

You can also buy from us on our Amazon Australia store click here


If you live in Canada, you can buy directly from our website at SnoozeShade.ca

You can also buy from us on our Amazon Canada store click here


If you live in the US, you can purchase SnoozeShade products direct from our website on  SnoozeShadeUSA.com.

You can also buy from us on our Amazon US store click here


For EU customers please click here for more information.

Rest of the world

If we are not on your local Amazon we sell globally from Amazon.co.uk

Non European countries can also buy from SnoozeShade.com. However shipping is usually faster and cheaper from Amazon UK.

We also sell in the following countries:

  Ireland via BabyMoments (they do not hold all stock so if you can't find the product you need it's easier to buy from our Amazon UK store).

  New Zealand via our distributor The Sleep Store

  Singapore via Baby Central 

  Iceland via Svefnþörf

Buying from Amazon:

If we don't have a product that you want, please contact us about when we are restocking as other sellers charge super high prices and don't necessarily have stock. 

Retailers and distributors:

If you are retailer or distributor interested in stocking our products, please contact us as we deliver worldwide from the UK.