SnoozeShade Twin Deluxe fits absolutely any double-width buggy or pushchair with either two separate hoods or one wide one.

Below you’ll find a short demonstration video, which shows you how to fit SnoozeShade Twin Deluxe. Before you dive into the demo, check out our top tips:

1. You don’t need to use ALL the straps, only as many as work for you and your pushchair. There are eight pairs of short straps on the SnoozeShade Twin Deluxe, because this is a safer option than having fewer longer straps, which could pose a strangulation or entrapment risk. Some people use only two or three pairs of straps, others might need to use all eight to get a secure fit with no gaps to let in light.

2. Pull the hood of your stroller or pushchair forward at least halfway before attaching the top straps. Your SnoozeShade will then sit lower at the front and will be easier to attach at the bottom.

3. The straps don’t have to be attached to the frame of your pram or pushchair. You can attach them to each other through any gap you find – hood hinges are ideal. You can also attach the straps to each other around the back of (or under) the seat. Remember you might not need to use all the straps, and it’s fine to stretch them as needed. This video shows you different ways to secure the straps on a SnoozeShade Original; the same principles apply to SnoozeShade Twin Deluxe.

If you need any personalised advice, the SnoozeShade team is always here to help. Just message us here and we’ll be in touch. We really want you to get the best out of your SnoozeShade Twin Deluxe and, honestly, there's no such thing as a silly question. So ask away!

Demonstration video

We have demonstrated the Twin Deluxe onto the most popular styles of double buggies and strollers.



Washing instructions

  • All SnoozeShades are machine washable at 30° and can be tumble dried on low heat.
  • Before washing or storing your SnoozeShade, be sure to close all zips and attach the Velcro straps to each other to prevent damage to the fabric.
  • Do not iron. 

Safety advice

SnoozeShade was invented by a British mum, Cara Sayer, who needed a solution to help her baby daughter sleep soundly in her pram. Our scientifically tested fabric is free from chemicals and completely air permeable (which means air passes through it freely), and all our products are designed to exceed UK, European and US standards. Every component is safe enough for a newborn, including our zips and straps.

The following information will help ensure you use your SnoozeShade Twin Deluxe safely. Please read it carefully:
  1. Whether you’re using SnoozeShade indoors or outdoors, please check regularly that your children are well hydrated and comfortable. Our sneak-a-peek zip allows you to quickly check on your little ones without disturbing their naps.
  2. Children should not be left unattended in a pram or stroller at any time and should always wear a correctly fitted harness where appropriate.
  3. When stationary, even indoors, turn the front of your pram or stroller away from direct sun. Always seek shade wherever possible.
  4. UV rays (including reflected UV rays) will enter the pram or stroller through any open area not covered by SnoozeShade. UV rays are reflected by water, concrete, snow, sand and other surfaces.
  5. Doctors worldwide state that babies under six months must be kept completely out of direct sunlight.
  6. General sun-safety guidance from around the world suggests keeping a child of any age out of direct sun between 11am and 4pm.
  7. Check local advice on keeping babies and small children safe in the sun and hot conditions. Advice may vary in different countries.
  8. SnoozeShade, like any shade product, should always be used with other recommended forms of sun protection such as sun lotion, hats, sunglasses and protective clothing.
  9. It’s not advisable to use SnoozeShade in strong winds or heavy rain.
  10. This product cannot replace responsible adult supervision to prevent sunburn, overheating or dehydration.