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Which SnoozeShade For Prams to Choose?

Which SnoozeShade For Prams to Choose?

One of the first questions we get asked by parents who want to buy a SnoozeShade is “does it fit a certain type of pram”?

Surprisingly, this isn’t actually the most important thing we need to know!

To help, we've pulled together this guide to help you choose the best SnoozeShade for you and your little one. And to make it even easier, we've created a quick quiz to help you find out which SnoozeShade for prams or strollers (single or double) you need in your life - click here to take it now!

Which SnoozeShade Do You Need?

The first thing to consider is not just the type of pram you have – it’s your little one’s age, sitting position and nosiness level.

If your little one is:

  • 0-6m & lying flat - we recommend an Original or Original Deluxe
  • 0-6m & sitting upright - we recommend a Plus or Plus Deluxe
  • 6 months old - we recommend a Plus or Plus Deluxe

The exception to the above is that if you’re using a jogging or 3-wheeled buggy, in lie flat mode or without a bassinet, then we would recommend starting with a Plus or Plus Deluxe regardless of bubs’s age as you will get an easier fit from the start.

How Does SnoozeShade Make Your Life Easier?

  • It keeps bub safely shaded without a fiddly umbrella (which you'll probably just spend a lot of time adjusting as the sun moves every time you cross the road)
  • It’s one shade that fits perfectly and provides full sun protection AND a distraction-free place for your baby or toddler to sleep on-the-go
  • Check in on bub without disturbing an important daytime nap using the sneak-a-peek zip
  • Going out for meals (day or night) is easier as baby can snooze while you eat (even if it's past bedtime)
  • Don’t worry about naps when travelling, keep it in your hand luggage so you can make airport delays and transits easier
  • Even older children sometimes need to grab a sleep – you can use your SnoozeShade until your little one is out of the pram

For Babies From Birth To Six Months (Who Are Lying Flat in the Pram)

Doctors worldwide recommend that babies aged 0-6m are kept completely out of direct sunlight. Their skin is too sensitive for sunscreen and contains very little melanin, so they burn more easily. Sunburn as a child dramatically increases the risk of skin cancer as an adult.

Daytime naps are vital for young babies as they need up to 7 hours of sleep a day (from birth) - the younger a bubs is, the more daytime sleep they'll need.

Did You Know?

Daytime sleep reduces cortisol in babies’ bloodstream which makes it easier for them to sleep at night, it also stimulates growth hormones.

We have these products for babies who are lying flat in the carrycot (we use 0-6 months as an approximate guide as all babies are different):

flat laying babies which SnoozeShade to choose

SnoozeShade Original blocks 94% of nap-stopping light and distractions. It also protects bubs from 99% of the sun’s UVA and UVB (UPF50+). It attaches using velcro straps and comes in black with a choice of three colour trims - safety green, silver grey and pale pink

SnoozeShade Original Deluxe blocks 94% of light and shades baby from 97.5% of the sun's UV rays (UPF40+). It attaches to the pram with the world's only baby-safe-certified poppers rather than velcro and has a neutral black trim and is a luxurious silver grey in colour.

We also have SnoozeShade for Car Seat, to fit all types of Group 0/0+ car seat that have a carry handle. This can be used whilst driving or when attached to your stroller/pushchair travel system, and the ‘please don’t touch’ label acts as an extra deterrent - especially helpful for when your bubs hasn't had all their jabs!

SnoozeShade Original can be used in two modes:

  • Snooze Mode – completely covers your pram or carrycot to create a sleep-friendly environment that blurs distractions and shuts out 94% of light.
  • Shade Mode - attach SnoozeShade to the hood and to the handle of your pram to create an overhead canopy that shades bub from UVA and UVB rays. If you’re using a pushchair, you can also use it to cover just your baby’s legs – ideal if you’re caught in the summer sun. Once baby is asleep, you can easily check in with our 'sneak-a-peek' zip without lifting the whole cover or letting in lots of light, which can wake a sleeping bub.

Our “snoozing baby” logo deters well-meaning people from disturbing your little one. Parents often find that using SnoozeShade becomes a sleep trigger for their bubs in the same way as shutting the curtains in the nursery.

For Babies Aged 6m+ (Or Once Baby is Sitting Upright)

Daytime Nap Needs

At 6 months your baby will still need 3-4 hours of naps. For many parents naps on-the-go will continue to be a thing until little one is out of the buggy.

SnoozeShade’s inventor Cara used her Plus Deluxe until her daughter was five (for the occasional day at a theme park, evening meal out or airport transfer when using a pushchair made travel easier).

We have three products designed for when babies are sitting up in the buggy and want to look out when awake (we use 6 months as a guide but every bubs is different):

sitting up which SnoozeShade to choose

These models are all designed for babies who are sitting up in the pram and want to see out when they are awake. If your baby has moved out of the bassinet or carrycot these are for you! They are significantly larger than the Originals – almost 2.5 times the size and are designed to accommodate longer legs.

  • They all have a two-panel front window.
  • The inner panel means bubs can safely enjoy the view shaded from 80% of UV (the highest level of sun protection for a single layer).
  • When naptime approaches, simply raise and attach the outer panel to cut out over-stimulating surroundings that can interrupt a much-needed nap (and increase UV protection to the maximum).

SnoozeShade Plus is black with a grey trim and attaches using velcro stretchy straps. It blocks 94% of light and up to 99% of UV (UPF50+). The inner panel is integrated (does not open) and is smaller than the Plus Deluxe’s – zip up the the outer panel to close it. When not in use, secure the outer panel using the straps provided.

SnoozeShade Plus Deluxe is a silvery-grey with black trim and attaches using the only baby-safe-certified poppers in the world. It blocks 94% of light and up to 97.5% of UV (UPF40+). The inner panel is much larger than the Plus and fully unzips so to give you full access to your bubs without removing the shade. The outer panel is attached using poppers and can be secured in the integrated pocket when not in use.

If you have a pram with one double-width hood then we recommend a SnoozeShade Twin Deluxe. If one child is sitting up and the other is flat-lying this is a great option. It's the same as our Plus Deluxe - just for double wide strollers.

Here's a useful chart for all the single SnoozeShades

Safety Advice:
Click here for more information on the extensive safety testing we put SnoozeShade products thorough.

Always check on your baby while they are in the pram and don't leave them unattended for prolonged periods of time. When it’s hot out, find as much natural shade as you can, or go indoors - and keep your baby cool, protected and hydrated at all times.

To reassure you, all of SnoozeShade products are designed to meet rigorous safety testing that goes above and beyond what is required by nursery industry standards.

This means that our products undergo extra safety tests to ensure that every single product we make is 100% safe for use.

All SnoozeShade products are made from our special laboratory-tested air permeable, lightweight and stretchy mesh fabric that allows air (hot or cold) to circulate easily.

Your SnoozeShade is completely safe to use in hot weather and is used happily by parents in Australia, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other hot countries.

If you have any questions at all please don't hesitate to get in touch. We're on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too.

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