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What should my baby wear in bed? 5 tips from the experts

What should my baby wear in bed? 5 tips from the experts

Getting your baby to sleep can be a minefield, and no matter how well they are sleeping knowing what your baby should wear in bed is the first step to a good night's sleep for everyone. (If your little one is not sleeping well then read our article with sleep tips if you're struggling

After what baby should wear is ensuring that the temperature of the room your baby sleeps in is monitored so you can see if it's too hot or too cold. Products like a Gro Egg or a video baby monitordot image that give live temperature readings can be a worthwhile investment.  

We wanted to give some extra tips so we turned to some expert infant sleep practitioners for their advice on what baby should wear to bed so read on to learn more... 

 What should my baby wear in bed?

"It really is important, from a safety perspective, to consider carefully what your little one wears to bed.  I highly recommend getting a good quality sleep sac. They are really great for helping parents feel confident that their little one is the correct temperature at night and keeping little ones cosy in a similar way to swaddling.  They are age specific so this ensure that loose covers are not a problem and they come in a variety of togs so you can select the most appropriate for the time of year. Best of all - most come with a thermometer that provides full information on what your baby should be wearing inside the sleep sac. As a general rule, you ideally want your baby's bedroom to be between 16 and 20 degrees centigrade (61 to 68 degrees fahrenheit)."  Liz at Sleep Nanny

"For newborns who are swaddled, I recommend a onesie underneath a light sleep-and-play outfit (long-sleeve in the winter and short-sleeve in the summer). In the summer, you can probably skip the footed outfit or socks, but in the winter, you may want to keep them on."   Nicole at Baby Sleep Site

"The Lullaby Trust suggests that a safe nursery should be around 16* to 20* degrees. Maintaining a room's temperature can be tricky, and temperature drops in the early hours can cause disturbances. Feel your baby on their chest and back with your hand to feel for sweaty or clammy skin when deciding whether to add or remove layers. Bamboo or cotton bed clothes are best for sleeping in (avoid velour for example). Swaddles or sleeping bags have a tog rating, so can be easier to monitor and adjust to seasons or weather flukes, rather than blankets that when folded, may inadvertently overheat baby and present suffocation risks for wriggly infants. A baby who is too warm may achieve deeper, longer stretches of sleep that would not have been naturally achieved without the warmth, thus raising the risk for SIDS."   Fern at TheBigSleep Co

"Your little one's sleep attire should vary depending on the temperature. If the room is on the cooler side - eg 20-21 degrees Celsius, I recommend dressing the baby in a long-sleeved sleeper with a thick 2.5 TOG sleep sack. If the room is on the warmer side - eg 23-24 degrees Celsius, a long-sleeved sleeper with a thinner 1-1.5 tog sleep sack would be more appropriate."    Eva at My Sleeping Baby


"All humans prefer to be on the cooler side rather than too warm when we sleep. Most parents tend to over dress their babies for sleep. One piece pyjamas are the best because they will not ride up or get bunched up, making the baby uncomfortable. I also suggest a lightweight sleep-sac over pyjamas."  Dana  at


What should a baby wear to sleep in 

Hopefully these tips will help you decide what your baby should wear to sleep in overnight and for naps. If you're using a travel cot for daytime or holiday naps then don't forget that our air-permeable fabric means that the temperature remains the same inside the cot with the SnoozeShade for Travel Cots as it does in the rest of the room.


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