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Expert advice for helping your toddler sleep in hot weather

Expert Advice for Helping Your Toddler Sleep in Hot Weather

Hot weather, cold weather and everything in between - these things are sent to test us aren't they?!

You think you've got your child's sleep cracked and then along comes a heat wave and everything goes to pot! Well to stop this from happening and help everyone get more sleep in hot weather we approached some of our trusted infant sleep experts to give you their insider tips and knowledge and give you the lowdown on how to help your toddler sleep better in hot weather!

"The ideal room temperature is between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit (or 18.3 to 21.1 Celsius), but I recommend you use these numbers as a starting point. In my experience of over 10 years, the ideal temperature for your family will vary a little, depending on you (and your toddler) and how many blankets/coverings you use. Keep in mind that your child won't learn to keep a cover on all night until over 18-24 months." - Nicole at Baby Sleep Site

"Melatonin, our sleep hormone, is released in response to dim light- so if you’ve completed a lovely calming bedtime routine following adequate wind down time, but your little one is really struggling to nod off and it’s peak summer, it’s likely to be the hot weather causing havoc. Whilst hot, stuffy rooms are never enjoyable or easy to achieve sleep in, Melatonin surge is also linked to a drop in core temperature. If your child is overheating or struggling to cool off, it’s going to not only disturb their night but really impact their initial ability to fall asleep. Try a cool bath, cotton bed clothing and keep doors and windows open for good airflow." - Fern at The Big Sleep Co

Expert Advice For Helping Your Toddler Sleep in Hot Weather

"A thin cotton or bamboo sheet can help absorb sweat and draw heat away from the body, and will actually keep your child cooler than sleeping in just a diaper. Avoid memory foam mattresses and pillows as they retain body heat and don't allow for good airflow. A fan is always helpful, and a metal bowl of ice placed behind it can help lower the room temperature by a couple of degrees. Proper hydration is also essential for a good night's sleep." - Dana at Sleepsense

"My biggest piece of advice for helping a toddler sleep in hot weather is to dress them in nothing but a diaper and possibly a thin sleep sack. Room darkening shades are also a must to keep out the hot sun! And of course, if you're napping your little one on the go in hot weather, your SnoozeShade will be a lifesaver" - Eva at My Sleeping Baby

"Over the last 9 years I have worked with thousands of families and keeping the bedroom cool is one of the easiest things a parent can do that can really help their child sleep better. We all sleep best in cool bedrooms. I remember once working with a young child who was waking up very upset every night and one of the biggest changes we made was making sure he was comfortable and cool each night. The cool bedroom and a couple of other changes resulted in this child sleeping through the night." - Shannon at Sleep Well

Hopefully you have some more tools in your sleep-inducing toolkit now and can help encourage peaceful slumbers for your toddler when it's hot. Let us know if you have any other suggestions to try too!

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