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How to use SnoozeShade on a plane with an airplane bassinet or sky cot

How to use SnoozeShade on a plane with an airplane bassinet or sky cot

One question that gets asked quite frequently is whether SnoozeShade products can be used in a plane over a long haul flight's baby sky cot airline bassinet.

The answer is YES and in many more ways than I thought possible  ... on long and short haul flights.

SnoozeShade can truly be your best friend when travelling with a baby or toddler. You can use it over the stroller in the airport until you board your flight so no worries if your flight is delayed and baby needs to sleep in a busy airport.

Going somewhere hot needn't be a problem as SnoozeShade products block UV and keep baby skin safe from the sun. It also stops mosquitoes and other biting bugs.

Many of our parents have reported very creative ways to use our products and some of the ways are shown below.

Parents use SnoozeShade onboard a plane

One of the parent hacks we like is to use a baby toy arch over the bassinet and then place a SnoozeShade over the top so it creates the effect of a carrycot hood. You can see that in the picture above.

You simply then attach the toy arch - something like the one below from Amazon will work. Then place SnoozeShade over the top.


SnoozeShade can also be used to create a calm environment over your plane seat (good for you as well as a baby) on a short haul flight to block cabin lights. 

Using SnoozeShade inflight on a plane

We have worked with Carrie from Flying With A Baby for many years and she has a great guide to knowing what kind of airplane bassinet or sky cot the airline you are flying with will have onboard. Click here to get more guidance

 SnoozeShade customer travel comments

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