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Clocks going back and baby sleep

Clocks Going Back and Baby Sleep

The clocks changing twice a year can mess with us in more ways than one, not only getting used to lighter or darker mornings, evenings and gloomier days but also in terms of sleep! There are a few methods on how to deal with the clocks going backwards when you have to factor in a baby who sleeps to a set routine.

Here are a few thoughts, methods and ways to manage it from some of our favourite baby sleep practitioners - and their advice may surprise you!

"Clock changes can impact your baby’s routine which immediately worries parents. My simple hack is to start moving your little ones routine by 10 minutes each day from Tuesday before the change - this includes bedtime, nap times and meal times. By the time the  'Clock Change' day rolls around your baby will have already adjusted to their new routine.Jade at

Baby sleep and clock changes

"You could also try the Split the Difference approach" advises Liz at The Sleep Nanny, "which means just that- take the extra hour and split it in half. This means putting your little one to bed half an hour later than the usual bedtime. It may mean he wakes a little early (by the new clock time) but that will soon iron itself out when you return to a 7pm bedtime on Sunday.

Or my recommended approach, Cold Turkey; Immediately switch to the new time, and save a week’s worth of confusing bedtime routines. For example, if your child’s bedtime is normally 7pm, on Saturday night try to keep your child up for an extra hour and, for one night only, give them an 8pm bedtime."

Another sleep professional, Kerry at has the same advice: 

"Do absolutely nothing and yep that’s not a typo! It's only one hour and honestly most Small’s will adjust all by themselves without you doing anything within a day or two. 

If you do want to prep ahead, 4 days before start putting them down for their naps AND bedtime 10/15 minutes later each day. When Sunday is here your routine will be an hour ahead in prep for the clock change. IF after the clock change they start to wake earlier slowly move their naps and bedtime forward by 10/15 minutes every day until they’re waking at a civilised hour.  Try and stick to your usual bedtime routine as consistently as you can."

So there you have it, a gradual daily change or cold turkey - which camp do you sit in? Don't forget that a SnoozeShade will give your baby a nice safe and dark place for naps when on the go to help keep that sleep routine going!

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